Meet Yvette

Coach Specialist Specializing in

Nutrition | Mental Health | Addiction Recovery | Tea Expert | Entrepreneur

Yvette Thomas is a native Chicagoan; she has worked in the field of alcohol and substance abuse since 1994 and has been a certified alcohol and drug counselor since 1996. She has been certified in the state of Alabama where she currently resides and has been international certification certified. Ms. Thomas has served our country for 5 years in the U.S. Army. Ms. Thomas has been grace to experience 20 years of sobriety.


Ms. Thomas by virtue of her own life experiences as well as her spiritual journey has leaded her to where she is today. Ms. Thomas officially answered the call to ministry in 2009; she was licensed by Overseer Dr. Tony D. Peoples at Love Center Full Gospel Baptist church.


Ms. Thomas has worked in a variety of treatment settings as well as actively working with a number of faith-based organizations and ministries in the areas of substance abuse, domestic violence, and HIV.


Ms. Thomas has continued to obtain information, resources, and education through a variety of sources that has allowed her to continue to provide support, services, and assistance within the substance abuse and faith based communities. 


Ms. Thomas’ goal is to establish an organization/ministry that provides education and empowerment to both the faith and recovery community, to breakdown the barrier that causes individuals to be excluded due to lack of knowledge.

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